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BPM Detection, Key Detection, Bar Detection and Beat Detection for Android and iOS

We’ve been keeping our magical digital signal processing elves busy here at Superpowered HQ. So super-busy that we’ve surgically embedded IVs into their little elvish arms to mainline Red Bull and espresso 24/7. Just like Santa Claus, we make our little elves suffer for YOU, so that we can deliver the Superpowered audio developer community a few important holiday presents before we close this year out.

Our first super present is The Superpowered Audio SDK is now FREE for all apps regardless of install or user base.

Free Time Stretching and Pitch-shifting

There is no need to calculate downloads and fees: your audio apps will be blessed with super powers without limits like commercial quality free time-stretching and pitch-shifting. You can read the details of the Superpowered Audio SDK license here.

Our second super present is we’ve significantly extended the audio SDK with advanced music analysis software features. The Superpowered Audio SDK is the first audio library to offer:

  • Beats per Minute BPM Detection (tempo) for Android and iOS
  • Key Detection (harmonic and tonal mixing) for Android and iOS
  • Bar and Beat Detection (timing and tempo extraction) for Android and iOS
  • All in the same package, for free! Let’s dig into the details.

    NEW FEATURE: SuperpoweredBandpassFilterbank

    A bank of bandwidth bandpass signal filters. Perfect for real-time analyzers (RTA) or offline usage. Very simple to use: just set up the frequencies and widths, and call process(). In addition to the frequency bands, the sum and peak of the incoming signal is returned too, so you get the average and peak volume.

    NEW FEATURE: SuperpoweredAnalyzer

    • Offline analyzer to detect several important audio features.
    • Bpm (beats per minute) detection to get the tempo.
    • Key detection to get the main harmonic chord of the music.
    • Easy helper tables to get the key in musical, Camelot or Open Key notations.
    • Loudness/peak analysis to detect the average and peak volume.
    • The average loudness of the “loud” music parts is returned as well (excluding breakdowns and other quiet parts), to get a “real” average loudness data.
    • Beatgrid information shows where the beats and bars start (beat and bar onset detection).
    • Average and peak waveform data in compact form with 150 points/sec resolution.
    • Compact music structure data, average decibels in 1 points/sec resolution

    Note: An online analyzer is on the Superpowered feature roadmap; meanwhile you can use the SuperpoweredBandpassFilterbank for RTA.

    UPDATED FEATURE: SuperpoweredIOSAudioOutput

    • Sample rate is not “forced” to the hardware anymore, but the hardware’s native sample rate is accepted.
    • You can set the preferred minimum sample rate to always have good sound quality.
    • The preferred buffer size is set by milliseconds now, as the sample rate may change dynamically.
    • iOS 8 has multiroute audio session bugs with several USB audio devices (silent output). Now the object turns on the multiroute audio session category for 2-channels USB/HDMI devices only. Multichannel audio devices are handled with other audio session categories (no multiroute session necessary).

    Read up on SuperpoweredIOSAudioOutput.

    UPDATED FEATURE: Superpowered3BandEQ

    Simplified parameters. Just set the 3 bands (simple float variables) and that’s it. Kill is enabled for a band under -40 decibel (0.01f). A bit more on the Superpowered 3 Band Equalizer for Android and iOS.

    UPDATED FEATURE: SuperpoweredAdvancedAudioPlayer

    Pause method is enhanced with optional decelerate parameter for stopping with momentum. Works with slip mode too. Good for turntable motor effects. Check out the Superpowered Advanced Audio File Player.

    UPDATED FEATURE: SuperpoweredDecoder

    New method to search for the first audio sample. Good for cutting initial silence. Parameters: how far to search for, loudness threshold. A 0 loudness threshold will cut digital silence, while -49 decibels is good to search for the beginning of vinyl rips.

    Superpowered Audio Decoder is here.

    UPDATED FEATURE: SuperpoweredMixer

    The Apple 8.24 format conversions are removed as this format is officially deprecated. New feature: processPFL method to create a pre-listening signal for any mixer, with channel switches and optional channel output level processing.

    Detail on the Superpowered Audio Mixer.

    Coming later this month and early January 2015.

    1. Native 64-bit support for iOS 8.
    2. Results of our most recent Android low latency experimentation and the Superpowered Android latency tester app.

    Any questions? Let us know below or email us at