BPM Detection, Key Detection, Bar Detection and Beat Detection for Android and iOS

Gabor Szanto

We’ve been keeping our magical digital signal processing elves busy here at Superpowered HQ. So super-busy that we’ve surgically embedded IVs into their little elvish arms to mainline Red Bull and espresso 24/7. Just like Santa Claus, we make our little elves suffer for YOU, so that we can deliver the Superpowered audio developer community a few important holiday presents before we close this year out.

Our first super present is The Superpowered Audio SDK is now FREE for all apps regardless of install or user base. Edit: March 1 2020 -- there are no FREE plans available for Superpowered.

Free Time Stretching and Pitch-shifting

There is no need to calculate downloads and fees: your audio apps will be blessed with super powers without limits like commercial quality free time-stretching and pitch-shifting. You can read the details of the Superpowered Audio SDK license here.

Our second super present is we’ve significantly extended the audio SDK with advanced music analysis software features. The Superpowered Audio SDK is the first audio library to offer: