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decoder,mp3,aac,wav,aiff,adts,m4a,mp4,iPod library,audio formatThe fastest audio decoders for iOS, OSX and Android

Music playback starts with the complex process of decoding. Decoding is often delegated to custom hardware to reduce battery and CPU usage. The Superpowered Audio Decoder uses just a tiny fraction of the CPU, and reduces BOM by making custom hardware irrelevant.

Up to 2.5x faster than Apple’s own audio decoders

The Superpowered Audio Decoder decodes a 4 minute long MP3 or AAC track to uncompressed audio in under 2 seconds (measured on iPhone 5). All with standards compliant audio quality, of course.

It supports MP3, AAC-LC, WAV, AIFF and STEMS (by Native Instruments). Supported AAC containers are: ADTS, M4A (MP4). Direct reading from the iPod library. For other formats like Apple Lossless it uses Apple’s own codecs, so all bases are covered.

Independent of the Media Server

Audio codecs are often processed in the media server daemon in most mobile operating systems. Sometimes the media server crashes for unknown reasons, making it impossible to debug.

Say goodbye to strange and un-debuggable crashes due the media server daemon. The Superpowered Audio Decoder runs as a part of your application, independently from other services, increasing stability.

Download MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF decoders for Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Linux and Windows