Superpowered C++ Cryptographics Library & SDK

Encryption, decryption, signing, verification, hashing with zero frustration.

Superpowered Crypto offers the easiest cross-platform way to implement RSA public and private key cryptography, AES encryption and hashing functions (SHA, MD5). Unlike other cryptographics libraries designed for crypto enthusiasts with myriads of options and complex APIs, Superpowered Crypto has direct one-liner calls for signing, verification, encryption and decryption, solving the most common use-cases in the quickest way.

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Desktop & Mobile VoIP

Hash data with SHA or MD5

USB Audio & MIDI

Encrypt or decrypt with AES

DAWs, Music Apps

Verify signature or encrypt with RSA public key

Hi-Res Audio

Sign or decrypt with RSA private key

Voice Assistants

Check keypairs

Superpowered Cryptographics Library Features

Write once, deploy anywhere

Easy to write easy to deploy

The most common crypto use-cases are unecessarully complex to implement with the popular cryptographics libraries. Superpowered offers easy one-liners.

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Stable, real-time audio latency performance

No build environment needed

Easier builds: ready-made static libraries for all platforms, variants and configurations. Absolutely zero library build process.

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Program using one API with Identical Feature-Set across Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Linux and Windows

Blazing fast throughput performance

Faster performance: 8-32x faster AES than most other libraries

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Low-level optimized for for low power consumption across five processor architectures

Painless RSA key implementation

The solution for keypair and DER/PEM frustration. Most developers are not crypto experts and only occasionally need to work with keypairs and key files. Superpowered offers the easiest classes to work with RSA keys without a learning curve.

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