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The Superpowered Story

 Creation, not Consumption

When we, Gabor and Patrick, decided to form Superpowered we asked ourselves: what was it that drew us together? What purpose does Superpowered Inc. serve in the world?

Gabor having breathed life into technology and into music as a developer and DJ, Patrick having animated ideas into books as an author, both of us as entrepreneurs. We were united as creators.

It is the acts of creation, not those of consumption that sets our hearts afire.

 We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us

Our shared compulsion to make and to create is, at times, terrible and unyielding – and the most meaningful and cathartic manner we can fulfill ourselves is by empowering others like us.

These days digital creators don’t suffer from a dearth of tools – tools of all sorts exist to help contemporary developers with most anything they want to do, be they analytics about your customers on mobile devices, be they any of the countless UI/UX libraries for web or mobile, or be they ways to animate silly GIFs in emails.

Yet most tools miss the mark.

Most toolmakers ignore an observation attributed to Marshall McLuhan: We become what we behold...we shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us.

It cannot be overstated: Our tools shape us.

 Digital Tools with Opinions

When poorly wrought tools shape us, we think small and base thoughts. We make small and base things. The act of creation itself becomes small and base.

As any creator will tell you, thoughtfully crafted tools, tools that anticipate the needs of the craftsman, that are a pleasure to work with, tools that hold a strong opinion about the work to be done, and quite simply, that just work make the difference between the dark sleepless night of aching, nagging frustration and bright day of the productive flow of a creative state.

It is the doers, the creators, the makers, the engineers, and yes, even the hustlers that motivate us, that inspire us to develop Superpowered tools that aren’t simply more, but paramount, actually extend the makers' creative and productive capabilities – allowing them to create and make things real – profoundly shaping them, the builders, to build things that weren’t possible without Superpowered technology.

If that sounds like you: you are our people, and we are yours.

 How do we superpower the creators?

All of our technology and business decisions are always measured against our true north: Do we superpower the creators?

And this rubric is the first question we ask, whether it comes to how we design our APIs, what features we build, how we design the marketing site, whom we partner with, whom our customers should be: Do we extend the abilities of our customers and of their customers?

If we do, then Superpowered has found its purpose and has earned its place in the world.

The Founders of Superpowered,

Gabor Szanto and Patrick Vlaskovits

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