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Why Superpowered

DSP,digital signal processing,audio sdk,ios,osx,androidBuild Low Latency Interactive Audio into Any App on Any Platform

Today’s audio processing technologies have not changed for the last 20 years. Audio middleware engines, created originally to run on PCs have been shoehorned into use for mobile and embedded devices, ignoring virtually all the advances in hardware and software in recent years.

Developers have been stuck using decades old audio technology optimized for WinTel while the OS/processors they’re targeting today are wildly varied, and include iOS, Android, macOS, tvOS and embedded Linux.

The result of this are substantially higher development costs (requiring low-level C++ development for nearly any app that touches audio), computational inefficiency (higher CPU and power use) and greater instability and higher ongoing support costs.

Not only have the platform target techs changed, but developer culture just as much. Today's technology companies struggle to find the talent capable of working with "old-school C++" necessary for audio development, and developers expect much better, more streamlined and out-of-the-box cross-platform APIs.

With Superpowered, we’ve rethought audio tech and development from original mathematics research to modern programming paradigms. We provide more audio processing capability (performance per watt) using considerably less power through a flexible, modular API that makes it trivial to implement sound effects for games or DJ apps, spatialized audio for AR/VR or a real-time listening capability onboard a low-power iOT sensor.

All in a few lines of code...for any app...on any platform.