Build Low Latency Audio-centric Apps for Mobile, Web, Desktop and Embedded from One API.

Full cross-platform solutions

High Performance C++ and JavaScript SDKs for Audio, Networking and Cryptographics

Amazing alone. Super together.

C++ Audio SDK

C++ Audio Library & SDK

Leverage the audio toolset to make app audio more interactive

Launching interactive audio apps on multiple platforms requires powerful tools that provide unified performance while reducing complexity. Dealing with platform target idiosyncrasies is frustrating and non-productive.

Use just one Superpowered API to cover all major platform targets.

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Javascript Audio SDK

JavaScript Audio Library & SDK

High-performance WebAssembly-based audio in the web browser

Allows developers to implement low-latency interactive audio features into web sites and web apps with a friendly JavaScript API.

Use just one Superpowered API to cover all browsers on all devices.

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C++ Networking SDK

C++ Networking Library & SDK

One networking stack for six platform targets.

Networking capabilities and behavior are different on every platform target. Making bugs rife and networking performance erratic when talking to a common back-end.

With Superpowered serving as a common denominator, performance is enhanced and development time is radically reduced.

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C++ Cryptographics Encryption Decryption SDK

C++ Cryptographics Library & SDK

One line of code for signing, verification, encryption & decryption.

Writing wrappers and spaghetti code around OpenSSL for a simple verification?

Use Superpowered crypto one-liners instead.

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How Some of the Most Successful Developers and Companies Feel About Superpowered

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Superpowered is in a category entirely of its own. I love working with them on hard-to-solve audio tech problems.
Tristan Jehan
Tristan Jehan
Principal Scientist, Spotify
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Superpowered's high-performance DSP APIs allowed us to write
our audio engine once and run it successfully on everything from 
the latest iPads to lower-end Android devices. Without it, we wouldn't 
be doing real-time, eight-voice vocal harmonies on cheap phones.
Patrick Flanagan
Patrick Flanagan
CEO & Founder, Voloco, #1 Auto Tune App on iOS and Android
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Superpowered audio is advanced cross-platform audio processing technology, wrapped in an easy to use API. Superpowered does 
all the low-level, heavy lifting that would otherwise take multiple 
vendors running multiple technologies to even come close.