Superpowered Pro Audio SDK Update: Android ARM and x86, 64-bit positioning

Patrick Vlaskovits

The cross-platform pro audio Superpowered Audio SDK is constantly improving with new features. We had two big releases in the last month, here is what's new:

Android ARM and X86 builds with example Android NDK project.

Double (64-bit) precise positioning in the advanced audio file player.

An offline audio processing example. Superpowered can be used in both real-time and offline 'modes'. More precisely, Superpowered doesn’t 'care' if it runs in a real-time audio callback or processes offline. It just works with the highest performance possible.

Mixers, splitters, converters

The Superpowered stereo and mono mixers are the most efficient way to mix audio signals together. Every channel has it's own volume multiplier, so panning, gain and volume are all included, with smoothing as well, of course. For output too. Metering is also available.

The internal stall-free structure and Superpowered algorithm provide the best performance you can get. Both mixers can handle maximum 4 inputs only (4 stereo or 4 mono).

Superpowered is so super fast, that chaining multiple mixers together doesn't come with any noticeable CPU penalty, so you can easily create big mixers with many channels. The stereo mixer can be used to 'split' interleaved signals to non-interleaved.

Both mixers can convert 32-bit floating point audio to 8.24, which was the canonical format for iOS hardware before iOS 8. The mixer package also has the fastest 32-bit to 16-bit PCM converters in both interleaved or non-interleaved flavor.

Audio metadata, ID3 parsing

All Superpowered Audio Decoders support metadata parsing. A decoder can be configured for 'metadata only' as well, which is extremely helpful when you need to quickly extract metadata from a folder of audio files. This special mode is designed to be the fastest possible, as all parsers are directly built-into the audio codecs, instead of being a layer on top of them.

Artist, title, artwork image and bpm are returned immediately, even from Apple containers. Custom ID3 frames can also be retrieved with a callback.

Audio Recorder

Continuously saving audio to a file from an audio processing loop is not easy due threading and other issues. The Superpowered Recorder eliminates this hassle with a very simple interface and low memory usage.

A cool optional feature is the tracklist log. It creates a text file about the artist, title and positions inside the recording, so your users can have a nice tracklist along with their recording.

The output format is 16-bit stereo PCM WAV. Silence is automatically removed from the beginning, and the number of seconds recorded so far is reported.

  • Android ARM
  • Android X86
  • Audio Codec
  • Audio Decoder
  • Audio Recorder