Urgent - Deprecation of Superpowered 1.3 API

Patrick Vlaskovits

As announced last year:


>>All Superpowered versions 1.3 or prior are officially deprecated and unsupported as of October 2019.<<

Q: How do I know if I am running Superpowered 1.3 or prior?
A: There is no SuperpoweredInitialize function.

IMPORTANT: if you are running any apps with Superpowered 1.3 or prior -- Superpowered will cease to function on June 30, 2020.

For deprecation purposes, there are three statuses your apps could be bucketed in.

Green status:

If you hold a current and paid up license to Superpowered, have a valid API key, and are 100% sure you are not running Superpowered 1.3 or prior, you don't have to do anything. Your apps will continue to function.

Yellow status:

If you hold a current and paid up license to Superpowered and are NOT 100% sure about which version of Superpowered you are running or you are transitioning to Superpowered +1.4, please fill out the form below IMMEDIATELY.

In the meantime, begin transition to Superpowered +1.4 and force upgrades to users running Superpowered 1.3. Paid Superpowered clients are eligible for *temporary* whitelisting.

Red status:

If you don't hold a current and paid up license and have a public app, you are in violation of our license. Email licensing@superpowered.com to purchase a license IMMEDIATELY (or remove Superpowered technology completely).

If you do not, your app(s) will cease functioning. If you don't understand this message, share or forward to your programming/development director immediately.

Lastly, we strongly encourage all Superpowered clients to upgrade to Superpowered 2.0.

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