Introducing Superpowered Networking & Superpowered Cryptographics SDKs

It doesn’t matter how fast and powerful your engine is if your suspension and brakes aren’t equally good.

Our focus has always been and continues to be audio processing: how do we make it faster? Sound better? Use less power? More interactive? Bring it to more platforms?

And in working on these questions we’ve discovered we can also create a huge amount of value for our development community by bringing Superpowered technology and know-how to adjacent issues. Which is why today we’re making public two more Superpowered SDKs: Networking and Cryptographics.

These were born out of the frustration of implementing incredibly performant Superpowered audio tech with, well, rather ho-hum networking and encryption/decryption tech.

Modern products are less just standalone mobile apps these days -- and much more multiple parts networked and synced together as part of a cohesive whole. As such, the Networking and Cryptographics SDKs allow developers to not only increase speed and performance in parts of their stack that Superpowered didn’t affect before, but enhance their own productivity too.

The new Superpowered SDKs are cross-platform, easy-to-work with and incredibly fast -- just like you’ve come to expect.

Get the latest in Superpowered SDKs: Networking and Cryptographics here.

Along with the two new SDKs we have also have a new Superpowered website planned as well + a new API key system. The new website has experienced some hiccoughs and so is not ready for prime time just yet --- but that won’t stop us from getting you our latest tech.

Important Information on Terms

All three SDKS (audio, networking and cryptographics) are governed by one master SDK license with identical terms for each SDK. All three will have a Free and White Label License available to them.

This means if you are an existing Free licensee, you can add Superpowered networking and cryptographics at no charge.

If you are an existing White Label licensee, you can also add Superpowered networking and cryptographics at no charge. (Note: we don’t plan a general price increase either.)

New Mandatory API Key

All existing versions of Superpowered Audio SDK prior to 1.4.0 will be both deprecated and unsupported after October 1, 2019.

NOTE: Using Superpowered Audio before 1.4.0 after that date may cause your apps/products to cease functioning. Developers must upgrade to the latest Superpowered version with API keys.

Three Licenses for Use-Cases

Development License with Development API Key: Lets developers experiment, play with and evaluate Superpowered technology, but not publicly launch products.

Free License with registered API key: Lets developers publish and release apps without any cost when free conditions are met.

White Label License with registered API key: Any other use-case including embedded/hardware and sublicensing.

Important Upcoming Dates

Today: New Superpowered Networking and Cryptographics SDKs

Early August 2019: Official Superpowered WebAssembly beta (with documentation)

Mid-August 2019: Fully functioning Superpowered WebAssembly Demo and Project

October 1 2019: End of life for Superpowered Audio SDK prior to 1.4.0


New tech is out and about. No additional cost to you. Use it.

Superpowered Audio SDK 1.3 is dead. Long live Superpowered Audio SDK 1.4.

Work continues on official, documented Superpowered Javascript/WebAssembly. You’ll see more in August. Until then, see WedAssembly webinar and alpha demo here.

We cannot wait to see and hear what you all build.

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