On sunsetting Superpowered 1.3.x, Superpowered 1.4 upgrade and mandatory API Key Registration

As announced on June 2019, all existing versions of Superpowered Audio SDK prior to 1.4.0 will be both deprecated and unsupported after October 1, 2019.

NOTE: Using earlier versions (prior to 1.4.0) of Superpowered after October 1 2019 will interrupt app function. For avoidance of doubt, developers must upgrade to the latest Superpowered version (1.4) with valid API keys. API keys are available at Superpowered API Key Registration

Changes in Superpowered 1.4

With Superpowered 1.4 comes:

The API Key System allows us more control over potential nefarious users and unauthorized users.

Furthermore, 1.4 sets up Superpowered 2.0 (coming very soon), which will see a major simplification of the Superpowered APIs.

Licensing Options

Moving forward, Superpowered will provide developers three license options:

1) Development License with Development API Key

Allows developers experiment, play with and evaluate Superpowered technology, but not publicly launch products.

2) Free License with registered API key

Lets developers publish and release apps without any cost when free conditions are met.

3) White Label License with registered API key

Any other use-case including embedded/hardware and sub-licensing.

Checklist: Set up for Success

  1. Register API keys here. A separate API key must be registered per app per OS. For example, FooApp for Android, Windows and macOS, needs three different API keys, one for each OS/platform.
  2. Download and implement Superpowered 1.4 here.
  3. Update all existing app-installs with new Superpowered

*If you are a Free License user, make sure app(s) are compliant per the conditions listed here. Full license text is here.

All apps will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Apps whose API keys are registered anonymously will be suspended, as will apps who don’t hew to Free license conditions.

Questions, please email: hello@superpowered.com

Superpowered Audio SDK 1.3.3 is dead. Long live Superpowered Audio SDK 1.4., (2.0 is right around the corner.)