Superpowered Free Time Stretching, AVAudioEngine and iOS 8.0

Patrick Vlaskovits

We recently received this email:

Superpowered Audio Engine is a solid framework.

I initially built my app on top of the new AVAudioEngine framework Apple released with iOS 8.0, but it proved to be too rough ( I still have an open radar from months ago where an audio interruption will cause the AVAudioEngine object to throw an uncatchable exception before the interruption notification was sent, causing the app to crash whenever there was a phone call. Not cool. ) and integrating it with a realtime time-stretching library was a very tough challenge that I never fully got working.

I am very impressed by the quality of your free time stretching algorithm, I swore I’d have to bite the bullet and license élastique from zplane for whatever secret amount they charge, and the fact you’re freely licensing something that sounds this good blows my mind.

Integration is going mostly well and I’m really digging the results so far.

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