Superpowered Android Audio Engine

Patrick Vlaskovits

All the audio developers who download the Superpowered Audio Engine get an email from us asking a few questions. We'd like to highlight some of the notable responses. We received this response yesterday (edited for clarity).

Hi, I am an indie game developer from Puerto Rico and I really want to thank you for this awesome audio processing library!!!
How did you find out about Superpowered Android Audio Engine?
By Google. I was just searching for a multi-platform solution since last Android update screwed my own OpenSLES implementation and I don’t want to spend my development time fixing the sound engine for every update.
What was the biggest problem the Superpowered Android Audio Engine solved for you?
I needed an audio processing library for mobile which could manage Playback rate changes on the fly and I can do this in both Android and iOS. I love you guys! (I was able to accomplish this with OpenSLES but in last update it just stopped working).
What made the Superpowered Android Audio Engine easy to implement?
Really easy to implement and trusting in your word, as you advertised, if this library is fully independent it is really going to make my life so easier!
Was there anything confusing about it?
Just the android example (since I am using Eclipse and I am not an expert with it). I had to add an extra builder for the NDK part and generate again the “.so” files but that was it.
What else would you like to see in Superpowered?
Right now my app uses encrypted music and decrypts them on the fly. Is there anyway to load data instead of using a file path to play music? (for android too). I just can’t believe it is FREE!!! I was willing to pay for a library and I miraculous found you guys! Thanks again (and yes I am willing to contribute with a donation).

This is the sort of feedback that tells us the Superpowered team that we are fulfilling our mission. Thank you.

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