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Advanced Audio Player for Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Linux and Windows

player,audio player,time stretching,pitch shifting,resampling,jog wheel,scratching,looping,sync,slip modeLow-power, Real-Time Audio Player for iOS, OSX and Android

Wrapping an easy-to-use interface around our efficient Superpowered Audio Decoder results in a low-power, real-time audio player.

Use it for audio playback with seeking, automatic sample rate conversion and easy time display.

No more errors due to OS update

Almost every time a significant iOS update occurs, the developer forums explode with new audio file player issues. The Superpowered player is fully independent and the most efficient solution.

Time stretching, pitch shifting and resampler included

It’s very easy to outgrow a simple audio file player, and development time increases exponentially with every new feature. Our Superpowered Advanced Audio File Player is unique on the market, covering most developer needs with great audio quality and real-time operation.

Time-stretching and pitch-shifting is integrated with 0 latency, and the current position is accurately reported during the wildest scratching or transformations. You can adjust tempo over a wide range, or perform temporary tempo changes with the pitch bend feature.

Scratching and jog wheel support

Thanks to the built-in Superpowered Audio Resampler, scratching is fully covered with great audio quality and low CPU usage. Continuous reverse playback is also possible.

Virtual jog wheel handling is integrated too, so all you need is to provide some movement deltas: scratching, pitch bend, momentum and other features all function automatically.

Cached points, looping and slip Mode

Store track positions for zero latency quick jumps and gapless, infinitely scratch-able loops.

If slip mode is enabled, scratching or reverse will maintain the playback position as if you had never entered those modes.


The Superpowered audio player has a built-in ‘DJ’. Thanks to the tempo and beat sync features, multiple players can play together in perfect harmony.

HTTP Live Streaming

Implementing HLS playback has never been easier. Because our player hosts every required part (decoders, etc.) and doesn't depend on any features of the operating system, it works consistently on every iOS, OSX and Android device! No more fragmentation issues.

Certainly, all pro features such as time stretching work - even for live streams (did we just invent time-travel? :-) ).

Download advanced audio player for Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Linux and Windows