Real-time Web Audio Time Stretching, Pitch Shifting, Compressor and Reverb in Javascript and Web Assembly Sneak Peek

Gabor Szanto

Jack Garzonio

Want to hear what the Superpowered audio effects sound like without spinning up your IDE and pulling a repo? Here you go, friendo.

Here at Superpowered HQ, all of our technology and business decisions are always measured against our true north: Do we superpower the creators?

To answer that question, we're thrilled to unveil an alpha version of our Web Assembly and Javascript audio effects and transformations as an interactive audio embed.

For the purposes of this demo, we've chained together our real-time time-stretching (completely independent of) with pitch-shifting, pushing it through our compressor and out through our reverb.

Remember, the entire set of Superpowered audio effects sound and behave identically across all supported platforms and with our forthcoming audio embeds, developers will be able to listen to and automatically parameterize them without writing a line of code. What you hear today in the browser is what you'll hear when you implement Superpowered into any of the supported OS/platforms.

We've made them easy to share and embed -- so please do. We'll have an audio embed for every one of our effects/transformations.

NOTE: this audio embed is an alpha version and has not been fully tested against all browsers and may contain bugs. Also, you have all the controls available across their full ranges -- allowing for extreme settings -- for example, if you stick a ton of gain on the compressor, it might not sound good.

Have fun.

Have fun!

  • web audio time stretching
  • web audio pitch shifting
  • web audio compressor
  • web audio reverb