The Superpowered Audio SDK now supports tvOS: Superpowered Audio Engine Update

Gabor Szanto

Superpowered Audio for tvOS, iOS, OSX and Android

Every Superpowered Audio feature is available on tvOS, both natively on device and in the simulator. The newly included SuperpoweredTVExample project demonstrates the SuperpoweredWhoosh effect on the Apple TV, using the Apple TV remote control with a just a few lines of code.

New Features

The new SuperpoweredtvOSAudioIO class provides an easy wrapper for audio output. Please note, Apple did not provide developers access to the audio input in tvOS. Testing in the simulator may show some warnings, as Xcode is buggy in building static libraries for tvOS. You can safely ignore the warnings in this case.

New parameters for the SuperpoweredAdvancedAudioPlayer: minimum and maximum time stretching limits are adjustable. You can also set the behavior when a reverse loop reaches the loop's beginning.

Rewritten iOS Audio Input/Output: The SuperpoweredIOSAudioOutput class is now SuperpoweredIOSAudioIO. Audio input can be set with the appropriate audio session category. Routing changes are handled with less delay, and asking for recording permissions are built-in.

Android improvements

Stream type can be set for the SuperpoweredAndroidAudioIO, such as SL_ANDROID_STREAM_MEDIA for normal playback and SL_ANDROID_STREAM_VOICE for the speakerphone.

Android project configuration is simpler now, as the NDK path must be set in only.

Additional Improvements

  • tvOS
  • tVOS Audio playback
  • Android speakerphone
  • iOS Audio
  • Core Audio