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Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting

time stretching,pitch shifting,key lock,master tempo,Dirac,zPlane,Elastique,Sound Stretch,RubberbandSuperpowered Time Stretching for iOS, OSX and Android is the most efficient solution for mobile devices

Time stretching is an extremely complex audio processing task, often thought of as a proxy for the quality of an audio library.

When respected audio technology companies have tried to implement their time-stretching solutions for Android and iOS, they immediately faced huge CPU bottlenecks in this space.

Desktop-grade time stretching algorithm for mobile devices

Existing solutions suffer from degraded audio quality, or they only run on the latest and most expensive 64-bit hardware. Our time stretching unit doesn’t have these limitations, as it performs the same transformations like on a desktop, but without the horrible CPU usage. Yes, transients are preserved too.

It turns on-off automatically and unnoticeably when the rate crosses 1, saving battery. Rate changes have no audible artifacts.

Pitch-Shifting Included

Furthemore, we improved the frequency-domain phase-vocoder algorithm with moving from the pi-based “traditional” calculations to a new method, bypassing the precision errors coming from the IEEE floating point standard, improving audio quality.

You want more? Superpowered Time Stretching can pitch-shift too, without any significant processing penalty.