Superpowered Update v2.6.2 And Flutter Example

Patrick Vlaskovits

Alright cool kids -- it's officially a Superpowered summer when we drop some updates like Will Smith dropping hits in the 90s.


In Superpowered v2.6.2, we've added an additional property to the AutomaticVocalPitchCorrection that we thought was missing. It's called 'clamp' and it's all about setting how much an incoming note varies from it's currently detected pitch before it jumps to the next note up or down in the user defined key or scale.

For more information and code examples for both C++ and JS, please see  the Superpowered documentation.

If you find any bugs, pls report to

Superpowered Audio Flutter Example App

It's been a long time coming -- and we've had more than a few requests for help with Superpowered integration with the Flutter framework from mobile developers, so we've made a boilerplate example project demonstrating how to correctly setup a Flutter project and use the Superpowered classes via a bridge.
This example runs on iOS and Android.

Find the Superpowered Flutter example app on GitHub here.

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