Superpowered Analyser Example

Patrick Vlaskovits

We've put together an example of how you use the Superpowered Analyser class to hold a microscope over an audio file to reveal the musical secrets within..

We're showing you how to read an audio file, extract its sample rate then use that to pass into the Superpowered Analyser Class, all wrapped up into a simple lean Javascript sandbox.

Once we have the decoded audio into the Analyser Class we extract really useful data like its peak and average dB values, BPM, beat grid start position and musical key (in various formats) and individual note data. We also extract various flavours of waveform visualisation data, which you could develop further into a single line frequency band responsive waveform like you elsewhere see on common DJ software.

Find it on the Superpowered Analyser class reference page here.

As always, we hope you find it useful.

The Superpowered Team.

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