Superpowered Update 2.6.3

Patrick Vlaskovits

Exciting News for Augmented Reality Developers: SuperpoweredSDK Now Supports visionOS!

As the augmented reality (AR) landscape continues to evolve, we at Superpowered are thrilled to announce that starting with our upcoming release, 2.6.3, SuperpoweredSDK will officially support visionOS. This integration marks a significant step forward in our commitment to providing cutting-edge audio processing capabilities for the most innovative platforms out there.

This expansion into visionOS aligns with our goal to make SuperpoweredSDK the go-to audio engine for all platforms, especially in burgeoning fields like AR. Whether you're developing an AR game, an interactive educational tool, or any innovative AR application, SuperpoweredSDK offers the robust, high-performance audio processing you need.

Eager to dive in? The sample app is available now, providing a hands-on example of how to integrate SuperpoweredSDK with visionOS. You can find it here.

As always, our team is excited to support you in this new venture. If you have any questions about integrating SuperpoweredSDK with visionOS or anything else, feel free to reach out to us at


The Superpowered Team.

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