Superpowered has been acquired by Splice.

Patrick Vlaskovits

When Gabor and I launched Superpowered, we asked ourselves: what was our lodestar? What was it that drove us to build an audio developer tools company with a mania for extraordinary performance across platforms?

At the time, we answered:

It is the doers, the creators, the makers, the engineers, and yes, even the hustlers that motivate us, that inspire us to develop Superpowered tools that aren't simply more, but paramount, actually extend the makers' creative and productive capabilities – allowing them to create and make things real – profoundly shaping them, the builders, to build things that weren't possible without Superpowered technology.

And this holds true today -- as we announce the acquisition of Superpowered by Splice.

Superpowered has been acquired by Splice.

Partnering with industry leader Splice will see us reach even more makers, producers, artists and developers allowing all of them to build and make things that weren't possible before.

New features built with Superpowered technology will start to roll out as soon as next month. These features will bring Splice content deeper into the creation process. We will continue to support the long-term clients and independent developers who rely on Superpowered as we revamp the SDK for the future.

Thank you all for being part of our journey, the best is yet to come.

Patrick Vlaskovits & Gabor Szanto
Cofounders, Superpowered Inc.

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