Superpowered Audio Signal Generator on Web Audio and Native Platforms

Gabor Szanto

Before you all disappear for summer vacation this August --- check out Superpowered 2.3.0.


What"s new? We’re glad you asked.

Superpowered now has a Generator class, the primary use-case is in music synthesizers, but, hey, use it in whatever context you like.

As an aside: The new Generator class was designed by a truly super-duper-powered team member, Stefan Stenzel, co-founder and former CEO/CTO of Waldorf Music. Stefan"s incredible knowledge and experience plus Superpowered make for a formidable technology combination.

Superpowered Audio Signal Generator

Audio Signal Generator

The new Superpowered Generator feature oscillators ready for use in synthesizer applications.

Available waveforms cover triangular, sine, sawtooth and Pulse-width modulation (PWM) shapes, as well as white and pink noise.

Because these are Superpowered, these oscillators perform at lightspeed -- not to mention, using many oscillators in parallel hardly shows up in CPU load. But what really sets these oscillators apart is their hard sync capability and frequency modulation (FM) for all tuneable waveforms.

Feel like FM modulating a PWM oscillator with a hard-synced sine oscillator while modulating the pulsewidth too?

The new Superpowered Generator class has you covered, friendo.

Want to run multiple generators synchronized? Done and done.

Available in Superpowered C++ Audio SDK as well as Superpowered Web Audio JavaScript & WebAssembly SDK.

  • signal generator
  • white noise
  • pink noise
  • pwm
  • sawtooth