Superpowered Audio Engine for 64-bit ARM for Android and iOS 8

Patrick Vlaskovits

As promised, for Apple's iOS 8 requirements:

“Starting February 1, 2015, new iOS apps uploaded to the App Store must include 64-bit support and be built with the iOS 8 SDK, included in Xcode 6 or later.”

Superpowered just gained some new super powers.

Superpowered 64-bit ARM

We're proud to announce the new Superpowered Audio Engine for 64-bit ARM processors. With our new library, Superpowered now leverages all that 64-bit ARM and ARMv8 architecture (increased register space, refined instruction set etc) have to offer.

Breathtaking 64-bit ARM performance for iOS 8 and Android

Superpowered Audio SDK now supports ARM64 with completely rewritten code and optimized algorithms, providing up to 2x performance advantage over 32-bit ARM on the same processor.

With Superpowered optimized for 64-bit ARM, audio signal processing on an Apple A7 is now faster than on a 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5. Power efficiency is radically improved with lower CPU usage and faster performance for every Superpowered audio feature across all ARM processors.

And of course, Superpowered 32-bit code has been rewritten too.

Improved example projects featuring Swift wrappers and Android Studio

The all-new SuperpoweredFrequencies project shows how to mix Swift and Objective-C++ in a project, and proper usage of the SuperpoweredBandpassFilterbank.

We’ve modernized SuperpoweredIOSAudioOutput for Swift compatibility. As the multiroute category is non-functional on iOS 8 for certain USB audio devices, this class implements a workaround for multi-channel output with Play and PlayAndRecord categories.

The Android example project has been modernized from Eclipse to Android Studio and Material Design. Build compatibility updated from level 11 (Android 3.0) to the latest (Android-L).

Better sound quality for Time-Stretching for Android and iOS 8

Significantly improved time stretching sound quality. No more phasey transients and better handling of extreme low ratios.

Improved reverb sound quality. Removed tailLengthSeconds property from echo and reverb, as the effects now have “smart turnoff” based on the loudness of the tail sound.

Hard-knee limiter and softer start on flanger, with adjustable limiter level (threshold).

Faster FFT (Android and iOS) and Mixer

FFT performance is increased by 10% on 32-bit. Increased accuracy for Polar FFT. Increased complex FFT accuracy on 64-bit thanks to ARM64’s fused multiply-add instructions.

New gain(), gainAdd(), simpleGain() and simpleGainAdd() methods for the stereo mixer, with smooth gain ramps.

As always, Superpowered Audio Engine is free. Get some 64-bit superpowered audio now.

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  • Android Studio
  • ARM audio
  • ARM64
  • ARMv8