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Simple Audio Processing Functions

Audio mixers, volume changers, sample format converters, interleaving/de-interleavingAudio mixers, volume changers, sample format converters, interleaving/de-interleaving

Developers use them everywhere. While one instance might be lightweight, together they can eat a significant amount of CPU. That's why you need Superpowered to provide the highest possible performance.


We offer a stereo and a mono mixer with max. 4 inputs. To support more channels, you can simply connect any number of them in series or parallel. The mono mixer has separate volume control for each channel and overall output gain.

The stereo mixer has separate volume control and panning for each channel and the output. It has a input and output meters for peak measurement, and can split your signal if required (interleaving). The stereo mixer's unique processPFL() method implements a simple way to create a pre-listening bus for your mixer.


The SuperpoweredSimple header file hosts several simple, but very essential audio processing functions. It offers separate functions for: