Q1 2023 Updated Superpowered Audio Documentation for C++ and Javascript

Patrick Vlaskovits


After a bit of a hiccough and some hells’ bells – we are back in black with a BRAND-NEW VERSION OF SUPERPOWERED.

Documentation has been updated and we’re shoot to thrilled to let you in on:

  1. New AutomaticVocalPitchCorrection class implements the auto-tune effect. Adjustable scale (which notes are valid), range (wide/bass/tenor/alto/soprano), speed and middle frequency. Can be used from subtle vocal pitch correction to the distinct, popular auto-tune sound. (Unknown if it can make you sound like Angus Young.)
  2. "Offline mode" for AdvancedAudioPlayer. Set internalBufferSizeSeconds to 0 in the constructor to enable "offline mode", whereby the player cannot be used for real-time playback, but can process audio in an iteration.
  3. So it’s no longer a highway to hell, Android minimum version has been increased to API Level 24 (Android 7; 2016).
  4. For those about to rock code, we’ve updated example projects to the recent versions of Android Studio, Xcode and Visual Studio.
  5. The Superpowered library for Javascript is now distributed as a single file and also enables multi threaded AudioWorklet support on all major browsers and devices now that the browsers have all adopted the standards. No more audio running on the main thread!
  6. The Android Audio Latency Test App has been updated and is available. Waiting on Apple to make iOS Audio Latency Test App available soon.

If you find any bugs or errors, please report them to support@superpowered.zendesk.com.


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