Brand-new Superpowered Audio Documentation for C++ and Javascript

Gabor Szanto


Well, well, well —-- the much awaited Superpowered docs have arrived. We knew well that our ancient and dusty Doxygen documentation was our kryptonite.

But now, we have created the most thorough, up-to-date long-form docs we are capable of producing - a fortress of solitude of Superpowered SDK documentation, you might say.

Let’s dive into the highlights:

  1. They’re organized by programming language — and feature a toggle to let you switch between Javascript documentation and C++ documentation for the same feature.
  2. They start with, well, Getting Started: How to Integrate Superpowered, whether you are building a web app or a native app.
  3. Then the Development Guides walk you through how to write an example application (mix/control/load/capture etc audio) with working code snippets and GitHub repos for both Javascript and C++.

We even have killer code sandboxes for the Javascript guide like this:

But that’s not all folks —- no, no, no. The most exciting part is our interactive audio embeds for all of our audio effects. This allows devs to test and play with Superpowered technology without having to drag anything into their IDE.

Check out Superpowered Guitar distortion:

Or the Superpowered Spatializer:

In fact, check all of them out here.

And yes, you can embed them in your own sites.

We know these docs will make working with Superpowered significantly easier, more fun and a lot more efficient. Thank you all for your patience.

If you find any bugs or errors, please report them to

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