HTTP Live Streaming for Android, Superpowered Android Audio IO, and Audio Resampler

Gabor Szanto

Full details on Superpowered update (version 0.8.5):

Superpowered now offers HTTP Live Streaming (audio) for Android and iOS.

Additional background and details on iOS and Android HLS streaming, including HLS Android Example.

Other improvements for Superpowered version 0.8.5 include:

HTTP Live Streaming for iOS and Android example project.

How to create a simple HLS audio player with seeking, buffering indicator and time displays. Choose from multiple live and vod streams, multiple download strategies and enable time stretching.

Improved SuperpoweredAndroidAudioIO

Proper cleanup. Start/stop methods. Automatic start/stop for silent audio when the app goes to the background to save battery.

OSX system audio input/output helper

Similar to the AndroidAudioIO and iOSAudioOutput classes, it implements an easy to use way to handle the default audio input/output of OSX. It has an internal fifo buffer for one callback input/output handling.

Improved Superpowered Advanced Audio Player with HLS Streaming

Supports HTTP Live Streaming. Fine pitch shifting using the setPitchShiftCents method. Direct reading from the iPod music library on iOS (check the offline example project for sample code).

Other improvements, updates and fixes:

  • HLS
  • HTTP Live Streaming
  • Android
  • simple FFT