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Linux Audio SDK and HLS Audio Streaming

"It ain’t cross-platform, if it ain’t on Linux." Hmmmmm. Good point, we thought.

Superpowered runs not only on iOS, Android, macOS, tvOS -- as of today, we’re happy to announce Superpowered Linux.

This also means, aside from lightning fast decoding and audio processing -- our Superpowered HLS (HTTP Live streaming) is now available on Linux (We’ve tested it on a regular X86 PC with vanilla Debian Linux) and embedded Linux. And of course, the Raspberry Pi.

There are four example projects to review:

  • offline1.cpp loads, decodes, then filters an audio file and saves the result to disk.
  • offline2.cpp loads, decodes, then time stretches an audio file and saves the result to disk.
  • offline3.cpp loads, decodes and analyzes an audio file, returning bpm and other info.
  • hls.cpp plays a HTTP Live Streaming stream from Apple’s servers.

We offer 5 flavors of Superpowered:

  • X86 for 32-bit Intel systems
  • X86_64 for 64-bit Intel systems
  • ARM64 for 64-bit ARM systems
  • ARM32Soft for 32-bit ARM systems with softfp ABI
  • ARM32Hard for 32-bit ARM systems with hard ABI (such as Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS)

Our Linux builds are in beta status. Please let us know if you’ve any problems with them. Thank you for testing!