Linux Audio SDK and HLS Audio Streaming

Patrick Vlaskovits

"It ain’t cross-platform, if it ain’t on Linux." Hmmmmm. Good point, we thought.

Superpowered runs not only on iOS, Android, macOS, tvOS -- as of today, we’re happy to announce Superpowered Linux.

This also means, aside from lightning fast decoding and audio processing -- our Superpowered HLS (HTTP Live streaming) is now available on Linux (We’ve tested it on a regular X86 PC with vanilla Debian Linux) and embedded Linux. And of course, the Raspberry Pi.

There are four example projects to review:

We offer 5 flavors of Superpowered:

Our Linux builds are in beta status. Please let us know if you’ve any problems with them. Thank you for testing!

  • Linux
  • Linux audio
  • Linux ALSA
  • embedded Linux
  • Raspberry Pi