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Superpowered Dynamics

Compressor, Limiter, ClipperCompressor, Limiter, Clipper for iOS, OSX and Android

Superpowered Compressor

Classic all-round compressor with very low distortion, a nice curve and many settings: input and output gain, dry/wet, attack and release times, ratio, threshold. It also has an adjustable high-pass filter for the sidechain! The Superpowered Compressor needs less than 1 kb of memory and has 0 latency (of course!). It’s very CPU friendly, requiring just 5x CPU compared to a SuperpoweredFilter.

Superpowered Limiter

Amazing sound even when you are crushing it to -40 db. You can set the ceiling, threshold and release. It’s very friendly with any device with very low memory usage (below 1 kb), and it uses just 2.5x CPU compared to SuperpoweredFilter (great power savings!).

Superpowered Clipper

The Superpowered Clipper class implements a hard-knee clipper with adjustable threshold and maximum decibel settings. You can prevent clipping in your audio stream with this super lightweight feature, which runs 3 times faster than a simple filter!

Some media servers are very sensitive for not-a-number audio samples, such as iOS. What's this? When one of your audio samples is infinity or NaN, the media server may mute audio until you restart the device. The Superpowered Clipper has not-a-number protection, so it's a very recommended feature for the end of your audio chain.