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Superpowered Audio Filters for Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Linux and Windows

filter,low-pass,high-pass,low-shelf,high-shelf,bandpass,notch,parametric,biquadRich Analog Sound for iOS, OSX and Android

Included in the Superpowered Audio SDK are low-pass, high-pass, low-shelf and high-shelf, bandpass, notch and parametric filters, all with a pleasant ‘analog’ sound.

Audio filters are the main building blocks for most audio transformations. Superpowered audio filters benefit from the best analog modeling practices to not sound ‘digital’. Parameter changes are carefully smoothed to have an analog sound even when altered continuously.

Stall-Free Audio Filter and 0 samples latency

Typical audio filter implementations often suffer from severe CPU stalls because each processed sample depends on the completion of previous one and the CPU must wait for the previous instruction-set to finish.

Superpowered audio filters have unique stall-free code with unbelievable, near-memory-copy performance. So you can put filters anywhere you like.

Download low-pass, high-pass, low-shelf, high-shelf, bandpass, notch and parametric audio filters for Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Linux and Windows