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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Superpowered cost? What are the licensing terms?
The Superpowered Audio SDK license has free and paid licenses. We want your app to be super-powerful and incredibly successful, so we’ve engineered a free, fully featured license of Superpowered. Superpowered can used for free to create apps as long as 1) the the total number of app-installs number less than 500,000, 2) the app is publicly distributed and 3) features the Superpowered splash screen. For questions, please contact us at
If Superpowered SDK offers a free version, then what is your business model?
Our business model sees us licensing our SDK to organizations that are building embedded/pre-bundled/pre-installed apps or have app-footprints above 500,000 total app-installs. Lastly, we also provide paid support options too. Please contact us at with details.
How does Superpowered compare to Core Audio by Apple and to OpenSL ES?
With advances in computational audio and signal processing, The Superpowered Audio SDK offers more features, takes significantly less development time, and provides higher audio quality and less CPU/battery usage. Developers can compare Superpowered to Core Audio by Apple and to OpenSL ES.
Do you have any case studies of apps running Superpowered as their audio infrastructure?
Thanks for asking.We do. Check out how and why Crossfader chose to become superpowered for our iOS Crossfader case study.
I occasionally experience hiccoughs while backgrounding apps using Core Audio, will Superpowered fix this?
Absolutely! The Superpowered Audio SDK runs independently of the media server daemon, directly inside your app, so no hiccoughs.
Where can I find code samples and documentation?
Download the Superpowered Audio SDK, which has example project and the documentation for all Superpowered audio units. You can view Superpowered Audio documentation here.
How does Superpowered technology work?
The heart of Superpowered is a set of patent-pending DSP (digital signal processing) and computational signal processing optimization methods that deliver high performance and energy efficiency through matching algorithms to processor architecture. Superpowered technology is designed to leverage ARM® architecture, allowing it improve the performance of 99.99% of all mobile devices manufactured.
How was Superpowered technology developed?
Superpowered technology was borne of the frustration that Superpowered CTO, Gabor Szanto, felt when he tried to use resource-hungry audio algorithms, designed for desktops, such as time-stretching and pitch-shifting to power his DJ Player App for iOS. Gabor realized he had to tackle the problem head-on and build the algorithms from scratch so that they would function well in the severely constrained mobile environment.
What are the technical requirements and/or dependencies?
Superpowered is designed for ARM powered® devices with the ARM® NEON™ architecture extension. Practically speaking, this covers 99% of all mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets to emerging products in wearable computing. It runs on X86 (Intel processors) too. There is no other dependency. Superpowered is a pure software solution with no hardware modification required.
Where does Superpowered sit in the software stack?
Since Superpowered has no dependency on third-party components or OS features, so it doesn’t matter which software stack or operating system runs on top. Superpowered can be embedded in any software, at any level, such as iOS apps, Android™ apps or even Android™ OS flavors.
How long does it take to integrate?
The Superpowered Audio SDK takes less than a working day to integrate.
Can you provide benchmarking data?
The Superpowered Audio SDK contains an example app showing how easy it is to get started with Superpowered, and how easy it is to measure audio performance. The example app is also useful for comparing against Apple’s Core Audio and vDSP too.
Is there any offline mode?
Superpowered can be used in both real-time and offline “modes”. More precisely, Superpowered doesn’t ‘care’ if it runs in a real-time audio callback or processes offline. It just works with the highest performance possible. The SDK includes a simple offline processing example project too.
How do I get started?
Easy. Download the Superpowered Audio SDK.