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About Superpowered

DSP,digital signal processing,audio sdk,ios,osx,android,vlaskovits,szantoFor Audio Engineers by Audio Engineers: Mobile Digital Signal Processing

In the era where interactive audio in games and VR is not just played back, but actually rendered on mobile devices, causing power consumption and latency challenges - Superpowered Inc provides VR and app developers mobile-processor optimized audio technology and SDKS to develop low latency audio solutions for iOS, Android, tvOS, OSX and Unity.

Superpowered not only provides a radically easier development environment, but unmatched performance in audio processing and audio latency, a full-featured audio player, mixer, filter and effects library, USB audio and MIDI for Android, and media server for Android.

Low-Power Mobile CPUs Need to be Superpowered for Digital Signal Processing

Powering hundreds of millions of app-installs, Superpowered was borne of the frustration that modern smartphone and tablets cannot process audio as is needed for high quality immersive experiences. Making for poor audio and drained batteries as the inexpensive processors that power modern mobile devices are not designed for the sort of audio quality and throughput consumers expect.

Innovation in Mobile Digital Signal Processing

Superpowered has developed patent-pending DSP optimization methods that allows inexpensive, low-power mobile CPUs to be superpowered: to perform and function at the same levels as much more expensive desktop-grade CPUs. These methods are the basis for the Superpowered technology.

Superpowered Leadership

With 15 years technology experience, spanning from an embedded Linux startup to a successful acquisition, CEO Patrick Vlaskovits oversees Superpowered’s operations, sales, marketing, support, and partnerships. He focuses on customers, market leadership, and innovation. Says Mr. Vlaskovits,

"It's our job as a company to extend our customers’ productive capabilities with better technology and less waste."

CTO Gabor Szanto is an expert in computational signal processing for low-power processors on mobile devices. He leads all engineering for the Superpowered Audio SDK, Superpowered USB Audio and MIDI for Android, Superpowered Media Server for Android and Superpowered HLS for Android.

His expertise is in designing ‘standalone’ DSP libraries that are optimized across iOS and the fragmented Android ecosystem. His work involves the development of novel algorithms to work efficiently across processor architectures and different OSes.

Mr. Szanto holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Dennis Gabor College (Budapest, Hungary). For his thesis, he created the first remote control application for Windows with a web user interface (before VNC), including a state-of-the-art web server written in pure C++ with BSD sockets, and a high-performance MNG video encoder implemented in Assembly.


Ted Vucurevich is an entrepreneur and former CTO of Cadence Design Systems. In his prior role, Mr. Vucurevich helped develop the strategies and technology initiatives in system on a chip based design, DSM infrastructure, software interoperability, design methodology development and Internet-based electronic system design.

Matt Sandler is CEO of Chromatik. Seeing how technology could impact musicians, Matt founded Chromatik to connect the world’s music-makers. Chromatik enables musicians to play, learn, and share their favorite music via sheet music, guitar tabs, lyrics, and more. Millions of musicians in over 120 countries play with Chromatik applications, including American Idol and Bruno Mars.

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