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Superpowered Audio is Designed for Mobile
Computing, Wearables and Internet-of-Things.

Powerful features for audio development.


Studio-Grade Pro
Audio Sound


Faster than Apple Core Audio and Apple vDSP


Write Once. Deploy on iOS and Android


Optimized for ARM


Cross-platform: Android, iOS, OSX


Resource efficient

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Superpowered Audio Features Comparison

Superpowered Audio SDK (Cross Platform) Core Audio API by Apple (iOS) OpenSL ES (Android)
Platforms Cross-Platform Yes No No
Android Yes No Yes
iOS Yes Yes No
OSX Yes Yes No
Simple Audio Player Seeking Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Sample Rate Conversion Yes Yes Yes
Easy Time Display Yes No No
Advanced Audio Player Built-in Time-Stretching Yes No No
Built-in Pitch-Shifting Yes No No
Automatic Multi-Player Sync Yes No No
Audio Decoder MP3 Yes Yes Yes
AAC Yes Yes Yes
WAV Yes Yes Yes
AIFF Yes Yes Yes
Apple Lossless Yes Yes No
Quicktime wrapped Audio Yes Yes No
Audio Metadata, ID3 Parsing Yes Partially No
Audio Filters Low-Pass, High-Pass Yes Yes No
Low-Shelf, High-Shelf Yes Yes No
Bandpass Yes Yes No
Notch Yes Yes No
Parametric Yes Yes No
3 Band EQ Yes Yes Yes
Audio Recorder Yes No No
Audio Resampler Yes Yes Yes
Audio Mixer/Splitter/Converter Yes Yes No
Audio Effects Echo Yes Yes No
Flanger Yes No No
Gate & Roll Yes No No
Reverb Yes Yes No
Time Stretching Yes Low quality No
Whoosh Yes No No
FFT Complex Yes Yes No
Real Yes Yes No
Real-Polar Yes No No
Processor Architecture ARM7 (32-bit + NEON) Yes Yes Yes
ARM8 (32/64 bit, NEON integrated) Yes Yes Yes
x86 (32-bit) Yes Yes Yes
x86 (64-bit) Yes Yes Yes
Audio Quality and Formats Floating Point 32-bit Yes Yes Partially
Key Considerations Real-time, low latency? Yes Yes No
Designed for Wearables? Yes No No
Easy to use API? Yes No No

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