Pain-free Cross Platform Audio Development for iOS and Android.

Audio taking up too much CPU in your app?
Trouble porting your iOS audio app to Android?
Desktop audio algorithms too resource-intensive for mobile?

Say goodbye hard-to-use audio frameworks, hard-to-understand documentation and spaghetti code.

Say hello to reduced development time, improved battery life and code that reads like poetry.

Superpowered Audio is Designed for Mobile Computing, Wearables and Internet-of-Things.

Powerful features for audio development.

  • Studio-Grade-Pro-Audio-Sound
    Studio-Grade Pro Audio Sound
    Efficient processing without any compromise in audio quality: 32-bit floating point, everywhere.
  • Fewer-CPU-Clock-Cycles
    Fewer CPU clock cycles than Apple Core Audio and Apple vDSP
    Industry-leading best performance per watt, reduced power consumption, zero-latency and battery life improvement.
  • Save-Time-And-Developer-Frustration
    Save Time and Developer Frustration
    Simple interfaces and connections make it very easy, with lowered development time and cost.
  • Stability-And-Independence
    Stability and Independence
    Written in ARM Assembly as a full static library solution, independent from the media server, not affected by operating system updates.
  • Cross-Platform
    Performs on iOS, Android, and Desktop.
  • Resource-Efficient
    Resource efficient
    Eliminates the need for custom DSP hardware, lowering BOM.
  • Ready for pain-free, high performance audio development for Android, iOS and wearable devices?

    Get the best audio, low latency and least power consumption today.